Smart Not Found Fixer Pro

Smart Not Found Fixer Pro 4.5

Smart 404 Not Found Fixer Pro can fix 404 not found error in just three minutes
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Smart 404 Not Found Fixer Pro can fix 404 not found error in just three minutes! 404 Error is caused by junk file in your browser and junk registry entries. Smart 404 Not Found Fixer Pro can be employed to fix registry errors. Users can also disable start-up programs.

How to Fix Error 404? You Need Three Simple Steps!

The program includes a registry cleaner to locate and correct problems in the Windows registry, such as missing references to shared DLLs, unused registration entries for file extensions, and missing references to application paths. Windows 404 Not Found Error is caused by corrupted system files. If a 404 Page Not Found Error occurs, there is a 96% chance that the computer has registry problems. Here are some other versions of the 404 error message below:

404 Error
Page cannot be displayed
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
404: Not Found
The page cannot be found
Error 404: NOT FOUND
HTTP 404 – File not found
Not Found

Here are the main functions of Smart 404 Not Found Fixer Pro
Scan and Clean
Smart 404 Not Found Fixer Pro will help identify and fix Windows' invalid registry entries. It will keep the PC from freezing or frequent crashes. The users will be free from the trouble like "blue screen", program not responding or locking up.
System Optimize
A set of tools are designed to provide better optimization, which helps the users manage startup items, desktop, file extensions, browser objects, Windows optimization, and so on. With these sophisticated utilities the system will be tuned up to run at the optimal state.
IE Tools
Smart 404 Not Found Fixer Pro can detect and remove harmful BHO or malicious plug-ins restoring Internet Explorer to a healthy performing state.
The interface is available in 17 different languages such as English, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
Download it and you will be surprised!

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